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To those people who overthink too much…. Are you having a sleepless night? And a mix emotions? Crying? Having a hard time to breathe? What are your thoughts?being lonely sometimes is natural and okay I’m saying “SOMETIMES”.Please listen…don’t stress yourself thinking of something that is not yet happening, you’re just creating a story or a scene that can hurt yourself. stop thinking negative thoughts because it will affects your body and actions, your heart will be weaker and emotional. It will give you doubts and your weakness will be stronger than your strength…. it can make you paranoid too. It can also blur the reality, it can steal your present and happiness. Your mind will control your body and it will react negatively. control your mind with positivity. If you’re starting to over think again keep yourself busy . Pray to God he will give you peace of mind. Surround yourself with positive people who are willing to listen and encourage you (again to encourage you not to gossip you after). If you’re mind start to overthink again try to distract it change the way you think. Read some books that will gain knowledge not the memes that makes you feel down or trying to compare yourself on social media and start to think negatively. Listen to some audio or happy musics. Always Pray …God can heal you. He wants us to experience joy in our hearts. Let’s make each other happy -Ezelijah ♥️

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