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To you who doesn’t even have a clue

That you caused my heart to feel blue

Because you made me believe it’s you

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And that our love will never have its due


Oh, I just thought our love was true

But after what you did to me, I knew

That all your efforts were just lies

And it’s sad, cause I’m late to realize


That our entire story was just a hoax

But the pain it caused me never jokes

Yet it brought me to meaningful epiphany

That the WE are all but a fantansy


I’m mad at you and at myself at the same time

Because we both did a big crime

You for cheating on me for sex

And myself for trusting you, Alex


It really hurts and I want to ask you why

But I know, all I can do now is to sigh, 

To watch my tears drop and to wait it dry

As I’m preparing my heart to wave goodbye


But please allow me to make one wish-

A genuine happiness for you and your heart

As I make you and my memories of you vanish

And move on as we’re meant to live apart

It is my last letter To you, my Ex-Alex.

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