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Suddenly you’re there again, in that situation, in that loneliness you escaped a long time ago.

It’s creeping. It snuck into you like a thief in the night while you’re fast asleep. Without a notice, without a warning. You just realized it when you felt an empty space in your heart. A missing piece.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You’re there again. But this time, it may be as sudden as it can be, you’re stronger. You’re better than the last time. You’re happier than the loneliness you are feeling. You’ve been there before. You know you can’t avoid it but you can overcome it. Over and over again.

You will fill those empty spaces with love from different places. You know that giving up is not an option. Life will keep on moving. Walk with it, run with it, dance with it. Rest but never stop.

You know where to find love. You have been receiving it everyday from the moment you wake up. Catch it. Feel it. Acknowledge it.

You know that you’re not alone. Call Him. His waiting. Admit that you’re lonely. Admit that you need His help. He’d be happily sending angels in human form, opening their arms and their hearts for you.

You’ll not be judged for they too are once in that situation. Felt what you are feeling. You all are warriors. Be stronger, braver, for you have one another. Fighting the same battle called life. You are not alone. Trust in Him. He’ll be everywhere in every form. 😊

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