I hate this feeling of mine, I wanted out. I want you outta my life but my heart keeps telling me to stay. Stay, no matter how it hurts. No matter how complicated it is, stay. What the fuck heart? Yes, what the fck?. Be happy even how hurt it is, that is what my hearts says. I found happiness in you that i forget that i am loosing myself. Time keep passing us by and we are still here, in our own world and terms that full of unknown. How cliche is this but can you pls tell me how to unlove you? I know you can’t be mine, but somehow in my imaginary world, i imagine you and me in this complicated world. How martyr how may this sounds but your happiness is my happiness. I am hurt, yes. But my love for you can take this consequenses because i love you. I am wishing that in a parralel world or in our next life, the universe will fall into our own happiness. Not just your own happiness, but OUR happiness. One time you told me, if you only met me earlier things might could have been different. But for now, i am finally letting go of you but i am still hoping that i can have you and keep you, not here today but maybe in next life. Till then my love, i love you J.