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When we hear “Give up” the word “fail/failure” comes along with it – we always have this mindset and the feeling that we are losers, always at the end of the race or game or never going to make it.

But for me, giving up does not mean you fail. It means that you had learned new skills, gained knowledge, hone a talent, discover a hobby, broadened your network and realized how amazing you are.

New skills that not just technical or essential skills (not soft skills) that helps you to be a better person either in the professional or personal aspect. Never did you know that you are good in algorithms or programming or even grasp on the essential skill of being a leader or being adaptable to a situation and handle pressure with grace.

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Gained knowledge through the 3E model (Education, Experience and Exposure) – Education as you read articles and books, listen to Podcasts, and even peer conversation. Experience as you had felt the hardship and pain you become stronger and wiser in every decision you are going to take. Exposure as you are now able to learn from the resources (Education) and had the gone through the same or similar path (Experience) now you can confidently move forward to apply what you had learned and experience for the future – this is Exposure.

Honed and discovered a talent or hobby as you would not want to be stuck on being sad, depressed and to de-stress on all the pressure; you would do things that you would try to find how to help yourself go on day by day, brightens your cloudy thoughts and something to look forward. You would be surprised on what you can do – you can discover that you have a unique artistic side of you or the adrenaline junkie that had awaken form the long slumber.

Broadened you network that opened an opportunity to meet new people and know the people around you better. You might learn something new from them or even be there to help one another. There might be stereotype people that might offend you along the way and don’t get too affected as we cannot please everybody. We do not need validation from others as long as you know you are doing the right thing, not stepping to other people and you are happy – it is Him who would judge us in the end.

You are amazing! Self-worth and self-respect. Never lose it as this would help you to be as human as it can get and get through the challenges along the way. Unconsciously, you are setting imprints in the heart and minds of others that help them to be a strong and kind as you are. As I call it “Pass it on“; by passing the positive outlook in life, value and respect to life and the kindness to each and every one it would be a good feeling to be around you.

Never lose hope and don’t let go of your faith in Him.

In the end, when you give up – look on the positive and brighter side of it. You did not fail and you did not disappoint anyone. But rather you become a winner as you think, step and act outside the box for a better perspective in life. You do not just stay in the norms but be on the unique way of a positive and beauty in life.

Look at the brighter and fun side of any challenging situation – you would be surprised. 🙂

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