Fall In Love Again


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I wonder what it means to fall in love. . . again.

To be with someone whom I can hold hands or someone I can share my dreams with.

Someone I can lean on when I am scared or someone I can celebrate my moments of joyful success.

I am too strong. I dream of you as a caring and sweet person. I don’t mean for you to do a lot of things for me. I just want you to appreciate and affirm me. For you to be careful with your actions and words are so much enough for me.

I have not fallen in love for so many years. I have forgotten the feeling of loving someone. Will I be a good girlfriend? I think of that, too. And, it makes me scared to death. I am too idealistic. I am afraid I would measure our relationship. I am afraid you won’t understand me. I am too sickly. I am afraid I will be a burden to you. I am decisive. I am afraid I will direct you.

With all those fears, I know God has been molding me these past years. I feel incapable of loving someone. But then again, God has reminded me that love casts all fears. And, I know, when I meet you, I will be at peace amidst my fears.

I hate commitment. I love independence.I But I need to be committed as I have committed to the Lord first. More over, in love, I know as a woman, I need to submit to you. Not that you will undermine my abilities, but more on leading me so our relationship will be in order as God wants it to be.

I have lots of reservations and preferences. If one day, we meet and all those reservations and preferences are not met, will you be patient to teach me that the most important thing is that God allow us to meet for His purpose?

You see, my heart is so fragile. I am not a woman that is easy to love and understand. May you be more loving and be a brother to a sister whom God has entrusted to you?

I want to escape falling in love. I know that love can be painful. But you know what? To love and be loved is all worth it. I hope that by now, God has molded you to be the man He wants you to be. Because at the end of the day, our love must glorify Him. How amazing it is for our love to thrive because we have trusted Him!

May you help me fall in love in a godly way again?

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