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Through the years you have been a good friend, more than I could ever deserve. But that’s the flaw, because no matter how much I try to put it, I just can’t seem to reciprocate how you feel about me.

I’m sorry for rejecting your heart, for telling you with all honesty that I don’t feel the same way you did with me. I’m sorry if being friends with you is the reason why you’re broken. God knows it was never in my intention to hurt you, because hurting you means hurting a part of myself as well. But know that when I chose to hurt you with the truth, I have chosen to protect you from the pain of false hope. Because I can’t stand the idea of giving you positivity when I know in my heart that I can’t take the responsibility of how you feel. So no matter how much you hate me for breaking your heart, I’ll stand my ground and give you the truth nonetheless.

The pain of rejection on your part might cause us our friendship, and that I might lose you for good as well, but this is the best way I know to protect you from a greater degree of pain on the latter. I completely understand if you’ll hate me forever for this. If that is what it takes to heal your wound that I have left open, hate me as long as it hurts. I acknowledge your pain and I apologize for all the tears you shed.

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Though I don’t have the right to tell you this but soon enough, after all the pain and the hurt, I hope I’ll find myself forgiven by you.

I am praying for our friendship.

I wish we could talk soon.

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