I have realized that i don’t need to wait for someone who doesn’t appreciate my existence, i don’t need to prove that i am worth of someones time and effort. I don’t want to behave recklessly in order to get someones attention. I also do not need to beg people to stay because if they want me they will not leave.

When you’re in the age wherein you’ve dealt with lots of uncertainties in life already, you will already know how to deal with everybody’s bullshits. Not everyone  around you are real, not all smiling faces are absolutely true. Some are just fakes that are trying to get into your nerves.Just like love, everything is not permanent, people just come and then go. We do not even know what will happen tomorrow. So before you commit, before you believe, ask your self first, ask yourself if you are really ready”. Ready to experience pain and heartbreaks. Are you ready to mingle in this world full of disappointments and uncertainties? If you are ready then you can go and explore.