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It is kind of sad… the reality of betrayal. All it takes are a few glances, a few words, a few gestures and everything changes. It doesn’t matter how much you love someone because sometimes, that is not enough. It is never enough. And though I do love you and you were one of my most trusted friends, I do not trust the people around you. I don’t trust the people you love.

For that, I am sorry… so so sorry for being unfair to you. But it is what it is. I can’t help it. I chose the path that I hoped I would never have to take. I chose to let you go. In the end, please know that before I made this decision, my heart was broken countless times. By you. By them. By me.

So this is me giving you my last goodbye. My farewell letter. I loved you. But I grew tired of me feeling this way. I got tired of being unfair to you. And I am tired of hoping somehow we will be back to how we were before because I know we won’t. We have grown apart. I had an amazing time with you. You are one of my most memorable friends. We had our time… but both our seasons have changed. I will always be here for you even though I know you do not need me anymore.

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Here’s to choosing apathy. I will see you around.


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