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To the one that I’ve been praying every night,

We used to laugh sometimes at nonsense things. We used to talk our dreams together. We used to share our thoughts, everytime we see each other. I never said those I love you’s, But I still care. I don’t express it at all, because of the fear that I might fall.

It’s so hard to feel like this at the wrong time. It’s so hard to let go temporarily of someone you use to cared. Being patient this season is a must.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Maybe, just maybe. You’re the one that God allowed.

The one that God truly allowed to pass through my walls. The one that God truly allowed to be my “till death do us apart” .

I’m praying that you’re doing great, until the time is ripe. I’m praying that inspite of these changes, you still choose to wait. Just like what I did. I’m praying that we grow according to what He want us to be, I’m hoping that God sent you to stay.

We might not hear our voices everday, but I promised you that our friendship would still remain.

I’m still praying when God finally reveals the one that he allows, I hope it’s you.

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