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I really feel I need to share this personal experience of mine here in boiling waters. Setting my pride aside, and looking on a positive perspective, Im actually thankful na may flatform or chance na maishare ang kahit anong thoughts or experience lalo na on emotion. For me kase, I am a guy who has lot of emotions to share bec. I am simply emotional. And here’s my sharing..

I really regret losing this special girl I’ve met. She is not everything to me but I have this special attachment kahit we are in a no label relationship. For me, we had something but without commitment or label. I dont know kung bored lang ako or what. I am doubting myself and checking my intentions too. Madali akong madala ng judgement or assumptions ng iba..now, that girl is in a relationship. So I myself, set boundaries kase I will not be happy dealing with a girl na owns by somebody. That attachment or nakasanayan ay mananatili nalang good memory, a lesson learned. I have this regrets na masyado ba akong mabagal, am I not serious enough for her. O talagang she really doesn’t seeing me as a future partner. As I am checking and reflecting on myself, I learned that maybe she is a right girl, she is almost complete. Maybe I found her on a wrong time but she is a right person. As I shared any random stuffs to her, what Im thinking is my honesty is enough. And bec. she is a good woman, she will compromise and will help me to achieve my full potential. That’s unhealthy pala. I considered her as a right girl but I am not ready for her. I focused my energy looking for her and as I found her as a tons of gold, I dont know how to carry and deal with her true value. I wish I will be having a chance to this guy she chose. I want to tell him and show to him through my eyes, that his girl is a really precious one, a rare one. Yes, she will support you as her companion. But she will also having hard times so you need to be ready and strong enough to carry her, just like you found a gold..I learned that next time, I should focus my energy developing myself. And Im sure, someone out there is really meant for me. And making herself a better version of herself. Or maybe she is already one, and constantly waiting. And in the process, I will give myself time to heal. Para naman wala tayong mabiktimang innocent but maybe a right girl na rare..

You really need to be complete first, but dont be to hard on yourself. For sure, somebody will accept and appreciate your value. In terms of financially, physical, emotional, intellect/mental, spiritual, and social. Parang nagegets ko na at nabibigyan ako ng clarity, sa cliche pero totoo na “kusang darating”. It is not literally waiting, lalo na for us guys. Bec. we also do the chasing, the courting, the everythings, to know and pursue that girl. I have this two interpretations, sana lang may sense at nasa katwiran. First, as I am developing myself and investing my time for myself, somebody who is near to me, unknown, but she will be attracted on what she is seeing, a total and complete man, by all terms necessary, of her standards. Another interpretation, is me, being a right man and complete, will be looking and searching for my right girl, in near or in far. And I will know how to handle and carry her bec. we are both in right time and complete individuals, happy on our own and we will just add up happiness to one another. I hope there is substance to what I am saying.. “You build a MAN for another woman. But it’s okay, it’s better to be a builder than a destroyer.”

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