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We are all waiting for something–to graduate and get a job, a promotion, a future spouse, and sometimes it makes us feel unsure kung may patutunguhan pa ba o may darating ba at may mangyayari ba sa paghihintay natin.

We tend to take shortcuts, and we focus on the product more than the process.

We rush things instead of submitting it to God’s perfect timing kaya minsan sa pagmamadali natin, nagkakamali tayo.

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God wants us to grow in faith, learn new things, cultivate our character and learn to depend on His ways during our waiting season.

As He said in His word, He has made everything beautiful in His time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

God assures us that everything He has promised will be in its place, and all hard work, pain and tears will be replaced by joy. It takes a lot of faith, but it’s all worth it. And someday, you will see why God let you wait.

So, I pray that you will find joy in waiting.

Know that you can be grateful for the process, and don’t let your heart be consumed by the how or when.

Maybe not on our watch, not today and not tomorrow but In God’s perfect timing.

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