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Life is full of uncertainties. We tend to wander, to do things our own way as if we know better than the God of the universe who knows all things and who holds the future. We disobey, we rebel against the will of the Father, whose only concern is the best for His children. Trusting His will is so difficult that we believe in ourselves more and trust our own rather than clinging to His promises and obeying His Word. HE said again, ‘Wait’ but still we wander and enjoy the pleasures of the moment instead of enduring the pains of today for us to truly and greatfully delight in the future.
We must learn not just to wait, but also to trust the creator of the world and the potter of the clay who knows what’s best for now and for tomorrow.
Remember, God knows all things, sees all things, and He is everywhere. We may struggle in waiting, but take heart, He is preparing something grand as you persevere.

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