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A sprout of flower starting to blossom
A burning coal beginning to be unquenchable
A flicker of light starting to shine brighter
A spark of energy that slowly crawls over

Our feelings can compare to many other more
It’s something we feel down our core
Both afraid to go down that road
Don’t want to risk anything at all.

Without a word, we both knew
But without a word, the atmosphere became blue
Without a word, we touched each other’s heart
But without a word, we said goodbye.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Now, I asked what happened to us?
Can we still go back that time before us?
I used to think good times last,
But it past by, so quickly – so fast.

So what more can I say?
Cheers to a friendship lost
And to a love that never was
We may not be really a match.

I’ll just continue to smile
And be thankful that I was once
A part of your world
Even if just a chapter in your life.

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