It’s not about your friends who are engaged or getting married.
It’s not about your aunts and uncles asking when will you bring your partner in a family event.
It’s not about your acquaintances making sarcastic jokes about not getting younger and finding the one.
It’s not about your workmates fixing your blind date.
It’s all about you. Whether you’re ready and everything is going well.
It’s all about your choices.
It’s not by choosing someone who will eventually take you for granted
It’s seeking not for the one who only accepts you because of your strengths.
It’s not about “that one” where everybody approves because it suits you.
It’s about finding yourself in someone’s idea of a good future.
It’s about fixing someone who’s already fixed, ready but Imperfect.
It’s by choosing someone who will not tell you that you are perfect,
Instead, will tell you about how perfectly imperfect you are.
Whether it be your imperfection in physical, social, emotional, or any aspect.
But for now, play your own role.
Be Happy while waiting for that one.
Don’t be pressured by the rings of your friends or the Babies growing up.
Eventually, (only if God will give you this gift) you will be there on the right time, and the right man.
Trust Him. 💙⚓