To the man i used to love


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To the man I used to love,

Please take care of yourself,

the way I took care of you.

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Please let yourself find your happiness,

And release your soul from sadness.

To the man I used to love,

Smile each and everyday,

For we don’t know what will happen the next day.

Please teach yourself to grow

And let it blossom till it show.

To the man I used to love,

Please make your dreams come true,

Though sometimes you’re feeling blue.

Conquer each fear, wipe away those tears.

It would bring more through the years.

To the man I used to love,

Please look at the stars in the night,

Whenever you’re loosing your light.

Please try to let me,

It’s fine to be a part of your memory.

To the man I used to love,

Our fate has changed,

But you’re still keeping us caged.

Let your heart find another one,

For I, had found my only one.

To the man I used to love so much before,

I think this will be the saddest ending,

Of a story that was never been told.

To the man I used to love,

I loved you then but not today,

You know that I’m not going to stay.

To the man i loved before,

Thankyou for holding me strong,

Now i want you to let me go.

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