Bring me to a carousel ride

Take me on a coffee shop date

Let’s talk about Places we’ve been planning to visits, Bands, Movies, Music and Politics.

Let’s talk about life in general.

Ask me how my day went and i tell you a story of how i hated snakes, cockroach and anything that colored in pink.

Let’s be drown on each other’s company, exchanging stories and spilling some of our dirty little secrets.

Let’s own the moment and ignore the world.

I will tell you all my dreams and you will show me your scars you’ve been hiding.

I’ll let you know the meaning behind my tattoo and how i stubborn i get to fight my parents just to have it.

Tell me all your drunken stories and i show you my hidden talents even myself don’t know yet.

But promise me one thing.

Before we kisses goodbye, let’s fall for each other and ended the night.