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Oh this sudden feeling of mine
Hard to say if I’m fine
If I go there and cross out the line
Would it be all right in time?

Looking back on the things I’ve done
Those days were so just full of fun
I’ve met people and you are the special one
You flattered me in every way you can

Oh I thought this feeling won’t last
Like it won’t ever stop me to have that blush
But now it’s shaking and it’s gonna crash
Oh the pain came into blast

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Oh the anxiety arise
Like all you wanna eat for the day is fries
Nothing else to do but cries
Can’t stop no matter how she tries

But then a voice whispered to me “You are mine”
Lift up your face and let it shine
I got everything and these will be yours in time

Hold on and keep in mind
These promises I’ve made to mend
A broken heart, still precious, oh mine
You’re everything to me my child

Things happened according to my plan
Don’t worry about that man
He’ll be fixed and be what He supposed to become
So leave everything to me and be calm
And finally I tell you, come!

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