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5am in the morning, I ate my spiritual breakfast together with God. And after my devotions, I asked Him if how could I surprise Him even though I know that He will figure it out because, yeah, He is God, He knows what would happen in the future. Then a verse suddenly popped in my head and I immediately took my Bible and read Ephesians 5:10 and it says, “Find out what pleases the Lord” I meditated on it and while I’m preparing to take my bath, my 4year old nephew and his dad,which is my brother, decided to go and buy something in the grocery store. My nephew knew already that the gate was locked. So I told him that the key is placed at the top of the washing machine. He took it and went back to the gate. I was shocked because instead of trying to open the gate he called out his dad and gave it to him. I received a rhema and that is: Sometimes God give us the right key to open the door which He promised not only because He love us but also He wants to see our initial reaction when receiving it, either if we do it on our own way or we give back the key to Him because He knows how to open the “door”. Just like the little innocent kid, he gave back the key to his father and allowed his dad to open it for him. And I remembered something, months ago I prayed specifically for a woman who is after God’s own heart. Who is a prayerful woman like my mom. A woman radiating God’s presence. And months later, I was battling and about to lose to satan, then a woman whom I had a crush when I was in High school chatted me. She said God impressed in her heart to chat me, and that made me stand firm and won the victory against the evil one. We talked and I learned that she is also a Christian. I was shocked because we have the same mission and vision in life. We also have lots in common except seafoods. Then, days after, we felt something for each other. But then we were convicted by the Holy Spirit. Just like Abraham and Isaac, he offered his son because he loved God so much. He sacrificed something that is too costly for him. In this season of our lives, we confessed our sins to God that we are trying to steal His pen. And now, we are living in our every day life obeying and listening to His instructions. Weeks after of idling ourselves, He made me remember what I’ve prayed for Him (my specific prayer for her happened before we were convicted by the Holy Spirit) and that is,  “Lord, make her fell in love with You even more. That she will find her self protected and satisfied to You alone. If we are not meant for each other then I’ll gladly accept it but if she’s meant for me please preserve her heart. If time will come that You will ask me to surrender her to You, I will do my best to remain devoted on You. It will not affect my intimacy and authenticity to You. My relationship with You Father will remain firm and we will journey together.” And because of that I received His peace. I smiled because it’s like Jimmy Bondoc’s popular piece but in a Christian way, “Let Him be the one to break it up, so we won’t have to make excuses.”

Waiting for His go signal to pursue her is like we are in the opposite street waiting for the Green Light and when it is about to start, may we find ourselves walking in the white lane of purity and holiness ready to embrace love and faithfulness. Yes, it is hard for us to face a new day that is totally different from yesterday. I know that we did choose the right thing and it is to allow Him to mold and stretch our hearts first. To be dependent on Him alone because I believe that in Christ there is no goodbyes – no loss. Choosing what you want in life over the right thing won’t make you live a comfortable life ‘coz in the latter days it will make you extremely feel uneasy. And only to find out that you are in a square peg in a round hole trying to fit what God did not allow. 

May this prayer be heard oh God that You will take away all the pain, doubt and hurt in our hearts. Fill it with Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. That we may not disqualify ourselves just because Your Spirit denied the cry of our flesh. Rather, we will stand firm and fight what is right. Fill our hearts with Your love, and may You make each one of us realize each other’s worth. For it is my joy to see her dependent only to You, that her relationship with you is anchored alone to You Jesus even if I’m not included on her lists. May we have a relationship that is not toxic, but a relationship that glorifies You. A relationship wherein Jesus is the center; a godly standard that is totally different compared to a worldly relationship. Amen!

Everyone, hear this! If you don’t listen to His voice, the apparent punishment for not giving up your “want” over doing what’s “right” is nothing compared to the pain and regrets in store for you if you don’t obey Him. Not only you compromise your walk to God but you are also damaging someone’s life by not allowing them to find their purpose, their potential. If you really love that person, make that person fall in love first to the Author of Love. Leave that person under His care.

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