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To my Future Husband,

I maybe small, but i have a big heart, that will love and cherish you till eternity.

I am not a great cook, but i am willing to learn and serve your favorite food.

I am not that pretty as Nancy of Momoland, but i am witty. I will make you laugh til’ your stomach aches.

I am a strong independent woman, but i will not step on your ego and will support you all the way.

I am not that sexy like those in anime, but i am willing to get my body toned and eat healthy so that i could take care of you till we get old.

I have sharp eyes, but this eyes will remain looking at you as the most handsome man i have ever seen.

I am not a good dancer, but i will dance with you under the moonlight or even under the sun or even if its raining.

I am quite sporty and extreme, but i am also an artist.

I do not came from a wealthy family, but i am rich with virtues that i will surely make our sons and daughters proud.

I may not be able to meet you expectations, but i will continue to grow as a better person and give my best effort for you.

I, too have some issues, but i promise to be open and will fight my own demons just to make our relationship /marriage work to the best i can. I can be your bestfriend too.

While waiting for you, i will constantly pray to God to make me a better person and remind me how beautiful things are in his perfect time and season.

I am more than excited to meet you..

To know more about you

To do crazy and fun things

To do hiking and traveling

To watch sunrise and sunsets

To read books

To support you in your darkest time

To be thankful to God how lucky and grateful i am for giving you to me.

And above all, to worship God with you

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