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I would always wonder if you exist?
Something in my mind that I cant resist
I’m satisfied to be in my season
Yet my heart beats for a bigger vision

In this single journey that I’m in
Been learning to survive- walking or kicking!
Maximizing my time to serve our one true king
The glory we can offer which is the best thing!

Been able to build labor that brings fortune
And community that makes one love in tune
As I cultivated the land, more tasks to be at hand.
I just wonder, will it be best to have a helper for a man?

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Please remove this desire to my heart
If the future will turn to be that hard
But, everything connects the dot
That my journey needs more hand

My master has been clear to his voices
To bring more missions to odd places
As I move forward in life,
moment reveals to my face
A woman who can flip the labor with ease

Who are you, really?
I thought I can deal with life’s valleys
But the path reveals that I need you
Are you ready to wear my shoes?

Suitable helper in all times
Ready to embrace you when you cry
Embracing you with so much pride
For God gives you on my side

I don’t know who you are
Or, where you come from
In this solitude of time we can be better
During God’s perfect time, we can be together

Time will soon break the walls of our world
While we are in the midst of waiting, let faith be our word.
As for now, find ways passionately to serve others
Doing our best to bring heaven in different places

Stay faithful! I’m not giving up on you!
For in the book of proverbs, I see you!
Pray and believe that we both exist
Knowing you is worth more than rubies

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