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I want to meet love,

That one real love.

Because lately, everytime I meet love,

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It was never ready, it was always unsure.

Love is still having fun, searching here and there

When I’m just here all along.

Love has not yet healed

Appeared whole but inside is shattered.

Love is what it seems to be

Or so I thought it was.

Love wants to remain in secret

When I believe it was meant to be shown.

Love has been looking from afar

When I always see them eye-to-eye.


And so this time,

I no longer want to be a repair shop

Hospital’s emergency room or grooming boutique.

I don’t want to be a sale in the store

But rather a branded item to be purchased;

Oozing with quality and yes expensive but worth it.

I don’t want to be someone else’s stopover

I no longer want to be another stepping stone

Or another lesson learned

I want to be the final destination,

The most awaited dream to come true,

Someone to look forward to and share things with

I want to be someone’s happy ending to boot

I deserve a love with that kind of ending too.

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