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By: Emelyn Aguilar

I just wanna thanked the Lord ‘coz you came into my life. It’s kinda ironic that the saying I always heard is true. They said that “We meet people for a reason, it’s either a blessing or a lesson.”

I can say that you became a blessing and a lesson at the same time. Why is that? I’m blessed ‘coz you made me feel that I am worthy to be love by someone who deserves me, I am blessed ‘coz you made me feel that I am the most beautiful girl in this world, you made me feel that I am worthy to be called a woman, I am blessed ‘coz you taught me not to settle for less and most of all you made me feel that my heart is also beating in a magical way.

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To the man who broke my heart, thank you for teaching me lessons that I can always cherished ’til the end. You taught me to become more stronger and you’re one of the reasons for who I am now. Yes, you caused me an indescribable pain, but you taught me how to stood up and to start a new beginning; you taught me how to expressed myself whenever I am hesitant, you taught me that I should learn how to accept my mistakes and learnt the lessons from it, you taught me to forgive myself and to those people who broke me, you taught me how to love, you also taught me how to guard my heart and because of these, I built walls around it that in due time there will be a right man who is willing to break these walls and will teach me to love again and everytime he will be holding my hands he’ll make me feel warm, safe and secure once again.

I am grateful ‘coz you’ve been part of my so called journey. Knowing you is one of the most unforgettable moments in my life not because you broke my heart, but it’s because you taught me to become mature enough and you showed me that I should be thankful to the things that I have.

To the man who broke my heart, thank you for letting me know the true meaning of “waiting”. It wasn’t an easy but at the end it is rewarding. It requires self-discipline and perseverance wherein you have to continue your life despite of the difficulties; You must also have an endurance wherein this is the ability to deal with the pains of difficulties; and no matter what happens never lose your hope and faith that one day it’ll comes ’til I can finally say that ” it’s over” and great things always happens to those who patiently waits, ‘coz at the end of this ” it’s really worth the wait”.

Waiting is learning, you have to learn that true love waits. Waiting is the season where you’re allowing God to bring out the best version of yourself. Waiting is believing that one day the right man of your life will come and love will comes along. I don’t know how long you will extend your patience but surely it’ll happen at the right time and at the place ‘coz everything has it’s own timing and has it’s own pace.

Even the most difficult and painful part of our lives will gives us the reason to live and we should make it to the fullest, it’ll help us to understand that our lives is a gift from God that we should enjoy in every way. No matter how painful it is, no matter how hard it is please never give up, don’t ever think that you’re unworthy. Always remember that you are worthy enough to be love by someone who deserves your love and he is a man who sees you as a woman.

Again, to the man who broke my heart, thank you so much ‘coz you came into my life, thank you for teaching me the things that I need to learn and for bringing the best out of me.

To the man of my life, I am kept on praying about you and I know that one day God will be revealing your true identity. For now, I am kept on guarding my heart and will not awaken love ’til the right time comes.

Song of songs 8:4
Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, not to awaken love until the time is right.

Proverbs 4:23
Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

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