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An Open Letter to the Bridge that I Had to Burn

Hi. How are you? Before we end the year, I would like to write something about and for you.

I got to know you in a very unconventional way, but we immediately hit it off. You were a great companion, and so was I (like what you used to say). We spent nine months of endless banters, exchange of stories about life, and a lot more. You wrote wonderful short stories and poems which you asked me to proofread before posting them. I loved doing it. You were amazing. Truth be told, there came a point when I badly wanted to make it official with you. BUT you always had your walls up and sturdy. So I decided to put up my own  as well. Then everything became casual. And one day, it totally hit me that I am YET AGAIN in a “rebound” situation. I questioned my life choices, my worth. I buried myself into self pity. It was another tough path I had to take. I was torn between two complicated options: to fight for you or just let you go and move on. And finally, it hit me… you were a bridge I had to burn. I did what I had to do so turning back will never be an option again. I am sorry if I hurt you and her in a way.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

They say that some bridges are meant to be burned, and some roads are never meant to be traveled again. I guess it is true. Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge.

Every bridge that burns paves way to a new path to be taken. It is yet unknown, but it is worth giving another shot. But this time, I have to bring all the lessons left from the ashes.

Thank you for the memories. I wish you well. But I hope our paths won’t ever cross again.



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