Dear Women,

When you’ve found a man who spends time with you, even if it would mean he will have lesser sleeping time in preparation for work, take pleasure in his company. He is choosing sleep deprivation in order to get to know you better.

When you’ve found a man who prefers deep conversation over random showbiz news and rubbish blabbering, listen to every word he speaks. He might be speaking the same love language as yours.

When you’ve found a man who recalls what you like better or what you would rather have and strive harder to provide those choices than settling on what’s available, appreciate him a lot. That, my friend, is thoughtfulness.

When you’ve found a man, who is willing to give up the best part of a fried chicken or the best flavor of an ice cream for you to fully enjoy it, acknowledge him and express your gratitude. Your delight over simple things means his own great happiness.

When you’ve found a man who hastily drives to your place to protect you from potential harm without regard to his own safety, hug him. He would rather feel whatever pain it could bring than seeing you hurting.

When you’ve found a man who prays for you when he is having trouble sleeping at night instead of using up hours playing with his gadget, thank the Lord for him. An honest and sincere man wouldn’t have any hard time talking to your Father.

When you’ve found a man who exerts every effort for you to be able to learn to trust again, love him. He knows what you’ve been through and he wants to prevent you from experiencing those heartaches once more. His love deserves reciprocating.

When you’ve found a man who plans for his future and includes you into it, include him into yours. He is worth keeping. His love is everlasting.



When you think that such kind of man doesn’t exist anymore, believe me, I found mine.

You will soon find yours. ♡