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            A lot of people tell me that the way to find out the one person meant for you is if you are able to see a future with that person. If you are able to see how everything will play out between the two of you – from the house, to the kids, to what you two will be doing the time your kids are all grown up – then that person is the one for you. I used to think that was how it worked for me, too.

            But I couldn’t be more wrong.

            I was laser-focused on everything – and I had the unyielding determination to see things through, no matter the outcome. In love, I thought that that was enough. And I thought that from the vision that my persistence and drive brought about, it was the vision that will come to pass. I was mistaken. I just didn’t have the heart to accept that my effort and determination fell short back then.

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            I had to rethink things; I had to reflect on what went wrong, and if it was worth sticking to the belief of a future shared with someone to be the way to find the destined one for us. And then it dawned on me – maybe that mindset was not for me. Maybe I actually enjoy the notion of an uncertain future. Maybe, just maybe, I relish the fact that nothing is set in stone, and the future holds so much potential for everything.

Even you and me.

             My heart trembles at the many possibilities that our lives can possibly take. With every choice I make and with every step I take, I am filled with excited nervousness and humbling dread as to what the future holds for us. I take delight at the moments we get to spend together, but I am bracing myself for whatever outcome is in store for us.

            But I can be sure about one thing – that even if our future is clouded and full of mysteries, I am sure of what I feel for you, and I will see these feelings through; and whatever happens, I wish for a future that you will be happy… even if it is a future without me in it.

            And now, I take a step into the unknown tomorrow…

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