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Meeting you was a matter of chance, because it is not my choice nor intentions to met you but I personally believe that it was God plans after all. I just want you to know that words can’t describe how much you mean to me, I was blessed to have you in life. It was surreal that you came.
Sorry for being hard headed sometimes and making you feel unwanted. Just for you to know you are my Gem that I really wanted to treasure for lifetime. I consider meeting you as my box of treasure in life that makes my soul shine and my heart sparks. I hope that our love for each other will be enough to make it through till everything will set.
I still remember how we met— the first day we saw each other. My heart jumps for joy as it was a new for me, but knowing you was different. You are different, rare as it is.
Days, weeks, months passed and here we are sharing love for each other. I don’t have any regrets in meeting you. It runs smoothly though sometimes we fought for non sense but I find it cute anyways.
Remember those secrets that we used to talked and naughty talks with you? Those will be missed if time will come that our love for each other will not enough and won’t work anymore. If ever that one of us will fell out love or found someone new that makes us more feel happy, then let’s accept it and be happy for each other. But i’m not praying for these— I am praying and rooting for years with you until we reach the lifetime.
I’m praying every night for you— for your success and your dreams that you wanted to achieve. Seeing your accomplishments in life makes my heart feel proud and trembles for joy. I am proud of you, I never been ashamed of you. You deserved to be treated with clarity and heart.
The feelings that I felt for you was pure and lucid. I never felt this before, and I really wanted it and hoping that this will be eternally last.
I love you so much my man, thank you for being my strength and my sunshine always. Thankyou for being there to me during my downfall. I owe you a lot. I’ll treasure our memories until I age. 💖

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