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“C1 spicy miss, and large coke for dine in”
As the service crew hand my favorite meal, I eventually left the counter and search for a table. I stopped for awhile— there’s a table caught my attention and t’was the spot that we used to sat. I smiled, and started to make some scenarios in my mind, “Do you still reminiscing those times that we used to went here? Do I still crossed in your mind? Do you still cherishing those hard times and happy moments that we had?”
Do you still remember that we used to sat here while enjoying our favorite meal and you kept scolding me redundantly because I was too fond of drinking soda. Those shared laughter and humorous conversation of us are still vivid in my mind.
How sad that you are the one who gave me the best memories, but you become a memory— a memory that I can’t wait to be told in the future. And how lame that you are the one who kept saying “Please Stay” , but you are the one who gave up first. But it’s okay I already accept the fact… I accept the fact that all of those are just memories meant to be vanished.
They says that time heals, and I just wanted you to know that I’m recovering little by little. I’m still praying for your success and for your happiness even if I am not part of your happiness anymore. I know you are having great time now, and I’m glad that you’re doing good now— doing good with someone I guess?
I already accept that you are not in my life anymore but, no worries… time heals. Maybe someday I can overcome it and I can’t wait for that day. 
PS, been a month since you left me. I miss you but not asking for you to come back in my life again.

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