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Almost a year ago today, we met through an incident and you were my “savior” and “security.” Big words that clouded my mind, as the days and months passed by overwhelmed with your love, care, and support. Although from the start, I knew you have all the red flags that are non-negotiable for me, yet, I let the roller-coaster of emotions empower me and reciprocated these love in a No-Label Relationship. Months have passed and you moved to another place, still the communication and connection was there. Countless moments of fun-and-fair, and even to the brink of ending what we have, but I was still holding on even early tonight. I felt God’s divine intervention of helping me to let you go, but here I am, very stubborn in holding what we have started, and eventually I was just the one fighting. God blessed women with this indescribable instinct, which I felt and proved a number of time,Yet, I disregarded. And just today, 16th of September, we had our phone conversation and just out of the blue asked you, “Is there a woman you already like for now?” To my surpise, you answered, “There’s someone I am intending to pursue though not having the time due to work restrictions.” I just asked the same question 2 days ago, and you answered “None.” Still numb and speechless onto how we ever ended – am I the problem? Am I the only one fighting? Are you worth fighting for? Well, I guess I know the answer even from the first day we’ve met, yet I took all the risk and here I am, taking its toll on me. As what I have told you, I do not regret anything for everything happens for a purpose. I may be weak and hurt for now, but God will surely turn this mourning into dancing in HIS Time. ❤️🤍❤️

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