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After hearing Moira’s song PAUBAYA, thoughts were in my mind. The song is very relatable. Mapapa sana all ka na lang talaga sa lahat ng pinili. Memories came flashing in my mind, questioning myself once again “SAAN AKO NAG KULANG”. Still confused and wondering what went wrong, everything was given but I think everything still wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. Love wasn’t enough. I wasn’t the right person for him.

But at second thought, maybe God has a purpose. Yes, we weren’t chosen. We weren’t chosen because someone better or even best will choose us in the future. Someone out there is really the right one for us. Maybe we were just instruments in molding somebody. We were bridges between them. We were bandages in mending them. We gave them life, but unluckily not for too long.

YES, I was bitter, still bitter. But if we let ourselves be summoned by all the negativities because of a failed, wrong relationship maybe we will never learn. Putting it in a positive perspective, I know you/ we can make it! I know letting go is hard, going on the process all over again, telling yourself, convincing yourself that all is better already, that you are okay, IT’S EXHAUSTING!

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

YES, SANA ALL PINILI. But what if, you stayed in a relationship in which you’re the only one fighting, loving, caring, and sacrificing. What if you stayed in a relationship that doesn’t need reviving? Would it still be worth it?

Note, hindi lahat ng pinili ay masaya. Once, pinili ka rin. Yes, you were happy but still ends up with a twisted fate. Lucky for you if pinili ka na then happy ka pa. 🙂 Pain is just part of growing up, of healing but it doesn’t stop you/us from moving forward.

IPAUBAYA MO NA SIYA. Feel the pain til you can no longer feel it. Go on with the process as many times as possible. Heal. Love yourself. Know your worth. Move forward. BANGON! 👊

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