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2 yrs ago, I met this guy whom I thought was the one. You know, you meet them and somehow everything clicks. We dated for about a year, until I found out na he has a LIP na in the province for 5yrs. He suddenly ghosted me, and upon contacting his family, truth is alam ng family niya lahat. Di lang sila kasal, pero I was a kabit for a year. Never in my dreams have I imagined myself being a kabit, not to mention the gf knew what was going on between me and his bf.

Sabi nila, in this lifetime, you will once encounter a man/woman who would drive you crazy enough na halos pwede ka na dalhin sa mental. He was that man for me. He was my greatest love, but also my worst heartbreak.

Fast forward I now have a partner, were getting married soon after I give birth to my first baby. Masaya na ako. Or so I thought. From time to time, I still check their socmeds, I still cry everytime I see how happy they were after what they both did to me. Para akong kinakapos hininga, habang sumasakit yung lalamunan ko kakapigil ng iyak.

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Ayoko na ng ganto. I want to find my peace and I am so lucky to have my current partner for loving me so much and understanding all my traumas. He deserves my best. How can I stop myself from having all these relapses? TIA.

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