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To my right love in the wrong time, 

     Hi, I am still praying for us, I am still asking and Waiting to God to answer my Why's and How's.. I am still 
including you to all my prayers. I am still hoping for the best. I am still can't believe that in just one snap, 
God take you away from me, I still can't believe that I am no longer yours, and you are no longer mine. 
But as the day passed by, I am accepting the most heart breaking reality. I wonder why God break our hearts into little 
pieces. I wonder why He allow this to happen. Before I had a relationships, Where I am not too attach and serious.
I don't buy gifts nor making some efforts. We always had fight for small things. but when you came to my life,
you are the only one exception to all the boy's I've loved before, You gave me chills, We don't had fights because when 
We had a misunderstanding, We always talk and settle it. Thank you for your understanding, and for loving me harder in 
my bad days. Thank you for making me feel the feeling that I never felt before. Thank you for coming to my black and 
white world. You where my classmate way back then, and I don't had an idea that the man that I ignore before, the man 
that I don't find attractive is the man who meant the world to me. Thank you for giving me your purest love, for
treating me right, for being my number one fan in everything, for being the most supportive and understanding, and for 
patiently dealing with my moods swings. I learn to adjust and to control my temper, Hear you out before I conclude. I
starting to know all your flaws, imperfection and I started to love them so hard. I learn to be the best version of

Circumstances came, We both happy and blessed to have each other. But one thing ruin everything, when they saw 
They decided to end our relationship. A relationship that never been started, I truly respect their decision, I truly
understand them, because they only want nothing but the best for you. 

Even it is hard and it hurts to accept our fate, but I am slowly accepting it and Let it Go and Let God, because if it's
meant to be, it will be. 

Maybe our dreams will came true in God's perfect time, I still believe in His will, even it hurts and I don't understand
I still believe that no matter how hard the situation, how impossible it is, He is able to make impossible to possible.

My love, I pray that someday when the time is right, We can travel do long drives and build our family and serve Jesus.
when the time is right there's no separation, Only death and God can separate us. 

I am still praying for us, But I will let you go from now. I truly love you that's why I let you go, 
I believe Everything will soon fall into its own rightful place in its own time and at its own pace no amount of God 
has a plan and what happens happens. 

Even though God breaks our heart, People accused and leave us without choice for the sin that We don't do, I still have
faith and Trust to Him, for he Knows what He's doing. Let's not run away to Jesus, even though we don't understand what
He's doing. Please study hard and don't go back to your past mistakes. 

Let's grow separate for now my love. 

God direct my paths to you, and I believe He is the one that is able to bring us back to each other's arm again.  
Nothing is Impossible with Him. 

from : the woman who will watched you a far from now 
                 your babe....


The lesson to this is that :
  1. Even it's hard to understand Trust Jesus, For he know's what His doing, He is the author to your love story. 
    2. Wait and be sensitive on what He told you, Because He only want nothing but the best for us. 
    Seek His words, will and trust His timing. Wait patiently...
    3. There's always a blessing when we obey, Obey Him even though your plan and His plan is not the same, because 
    "We can make many plans, but God purpose will always prevail us"
    4. Even it hurts like hell, Run to God, Hold on to His promises, Go to promise land not in wilderness
    5. Purity...  now a days, purity is just a birthday gift or what so ever, but I tell you my brother/sister, purity 
    isn't old fashion but it's  God's way. preserve one another. The man who can't handle you in you sweat 
    pants, is the man who don't deserve to see you, on your wedding dress. 
    I believe that when it's meant to be it will be. 

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