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To the man I love,

I love you not knowing the exact reasons why.

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But somehow, let me tell you these:

-I love how you make me feel secured with your warm embrace and whispers of “I Love You”.

-I love it when you gave me those forehead kisses. It’s so sincere and heartfelt.

-I love how you gaze at me. Telling me you adore me through those eyes.

-Your smile and cheerful eyes when we’re together, makes me realize my purpose.

-It may looked like I’m annoyed by your harmless pinches on my cheeks, arms, and to what you called “love handles”.When actually, it’s flattering that you know they exist and wiped out those insecurities by adoring them.

-My heart jumps at times when you address me by endearments. “Dear”, “love”. It cultivates the joy in my heart.

-Those random spins you made me do in the middle of the crowd while strolling, makes me feel special.

-I love your wisdom, your sense of responsibility, and just you being real smart.

-I love your eyes, your nose and your hair.

-I appreciate your thought of wanting to protect me despite unfavorable circumstances.

-Your love for music and books gave me insights on your depth as a person. Without knowing I’m attracted to guys who loves to read and play instruments.

-You being ambitious, and strong eventhough life was harsh, motivates me to do better, keep going and be more positive.

-I admire how you acknowledged your weaknesses and show your vulnerability. It didn’t make you less of a man. Infact, it made me love you even more. YOU ARE BEING A REAL MAN by doing that.

As you said, “Time is a no friend of yours”. But I’m still hoping for longer time with you 😔

My love, know that I am here despite your shortcomings. I’m willing to get to know you more everyday until time runs out. Don’t worry for I am preparing myself to be strong, to accept and understand the uncertainties of tomorrow. Let us enjoy and make the happiest memories out of the time life is giving us.

Just let me be… Let me stay by your side until the end.

“Let’s not ruin our today by thinking about the possible sorrows of tomorrow.”

Please.. Hold on. There’s a reason to keep going. 😣

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