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There are times that I feel very lonely with the fact that I am still single and most of my batchmates either married or happily with someone bonus having kids already. Why do I have to wait? I wait because I believe God will send me the one that He thinks best for me. As much as I want to settle for the one I adore, I still think for that long-term goal. MARRIAGE! I may be choosy or very aggressive in the past but I thank God that He still use people, not just to rebuke and remind me but to contemplate very carefully, what it is like to be married with a person in lifetime.

As I often hear this, be a person growing individually and also with the Lord’s love and guidance. Do not panic! God does love you. You and me, actually. If you settle for the lesser, only the future family you wish to build will severely suffer. LISTEN to the accountability leaders God has put in your life. You are in the right track! There is a REWARD in heeding the elderlies and mostly, to the Lord’s will and way. Know your very worth! God did not die for you and I just to see you broken into pieces. 🙂

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