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Let them go.

Let them lose the very person that you are.

Let them lose you.

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Let them miss out on someone as amazing as you.

Let them miss out on everything that you have to offer.

Let them miss out on the beautiful things that could’ve transpired between you two.

Because you know what?

It’s not your job to convince someone that you are worthy.

It’s not your job to convince them to stay.

You have always been worthy.

You have to let go of the person that you want for the person that you deserve.

They are not always the same.

Someone we want is not always who we deserve.

Sometimes they’re the same person.

Sometimes they’re not.

Know that you have always been good enough.

You just gotta let people walk away.

You just gotta let them leave.

Let them. Just let them.

Someone else is gonna be smart enough to keep you.

And you are not going to have to do anything to earn it.

You are not going to have to change yourself, or to prove your worth, or to force it in anyway.

You’re gonna be okay when you let them go.

So let them go.

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