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How are you right now? Are you okay? Are you tired? Are you afraid?

I know we are all facing different battles everyday and we are all dealing in different scenarios everyday. Life is not smooth as silk, there will always be a choices and decisions to make. We will encounter different detours and bumps along the road. Some people used their detours to build theirselves into a better version while some people used it in a different and negative way. Problems won’t end, there will always be. We are living in a place where full of eyes who sees just fault of others, an ears who only listens on what they know and thinks what is right for themselves. A heart that only wants to be loved but not to loved other people and forgive. A mind that only thinks about their own good without any consideration to other peoole. A mouth who always speaks about what hurts them than how blessed they are even they are hurt.

We are living in a place, where we are busy to get what we want and to get what we need. But here’s the thing, we like to point out our fingers to someone who hurt us, without thinking that we might hurt them too. We like to bash things around us, without looking the real story behind it. We like to keep on joking while someone is telling stories on us, without knowing that they are going through a lot right now. We like to listen on one sided story, and spread the news without thinking if it’s right or not.

There’s no perfect person, not you, not even me. We are all have mess and flaws. We are all struggling. We are all fighting. We are all wants to be loved. We all wants to feel affection. We all wants to feel secured and safe. We all wants consistency and honesty. We all wants to be trusted.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

You are not accident when God created you. You are created by a purpose. You are alive by a purpose. You are facing those battles with a purpose. Some blessings are not material things, but some are people that God has been given to us. You are loved. You matter. You deserve the real and genuine love and happiness. You are doing great! I am proud of you. God is so proud of you that you don’t give up even there’s a lot of struggle comes your way. Continue being a blessing. Continue being positive at all times. Continue having a heart like Him. Believe in yourself always. Believe that you can. Believe that you can do more greater things than before. Believe that you will achieve your goals and dreams on His perfect time.

Don’t lose your sight. Don’t let your worth be based on what world offers. Don’t let your future destroy by temporary things. Don’t let your brokenness hinders you from being whole again. Don’t let negative things and negative thoughts take over you. Don’t let your sadness forgets the real happiness that God offers to you. Don’t let your struggles become the barrier to your goals and dreams. Don’t stop moving forward. We all get tired, we all get distracted, but the persevarance,faith and passion will make us through.

Let us live to the fullest with a purpose! Let us enjoy life by appreciating and loving the life that we have right now! God loves you and me. God cares on you and me. We will make this through, by the grace of God. We are all victorious! Don’t forget that someone died for your sins, for you to experience the real freedom to love and to enjoy the grace of God.
Don’t be afraid to start again, this time the better you for the brightest and better future. It is not yet late to begin again, and this time you will involved God in all of your decisions and choices throughout your journey. Let us learn to forgive others who hurts us and to forgive ourselves. The real freedom is knowing and believing that God already sets you free from any bondages and sins. Keep the faith and pray always!

Godbless you! ❤

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