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“What’s the most romantic scene for you ?” The guy asked with a smile formed in his lips.

“Honestly, I have so many ideal romantic scene that I really wanted to experience; a walk under a starry night or a star gazing, it could also be in an amusement park-a simple but a senseful talk while at the ferris wheel, or maybe in a room full of red roses with only the glow of the candles that brighten up the whole place. And perhaps, lying at the peak of the mountain with your hands holding mine would also be a romantic scene for me. Yeah, it may seem so cliché but it’s true.” The girl said as she watched how the cloud do its formation above her eyes.

“How ’bout you ? What’s the most romantic scene for you ?” The girl asked back without breaking her gaze on the swaying firmament above.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

“For me? There’s only one romantic scene that I really wanted to see and to feel… And that is to hear the two short yet the most delightful word I could ever hear for the rest of my entire life, and  that is “I DO” that will came from you, that’s  the most romantic scene, thing or a place for me that I ever wanted to feel and experience. Believe me, it’s you, it’s only been you, only you…” The guy proudly spoken as he watched the galaxy herself in front of him turning now into a vast universe of wonder- full of sparkling stars, full of luminous light.

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