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Fold my hands and kneeled in pain
Mixed emotions, can’t contain.
In this season I will pray,
Fervently in each new day.

While the door for now is locked,
Wouldn’t mind the ticking clock.
In the hall, I’ll wait with praise,
Till the Maker make some ways.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

Find me here waiting in summer,
In springtime, fall or winter,
Find me here with joy while waiting,
For the King’s perfect timing.

Like the tree that blooms in spring,
So will I grow in pruning.
In this time, I’ll walk with faith,
Let Him control over my fate.

In peace, I’ll completely trust,
In Him, all my cares are cast.
‘Child, I will make it happen’,
Said the Promise Keeper then.

Eyes are fixed alone in Christ,
The Only One who can suffice.
Pursuing Him passionately,
Let Him write my love story.

From God. Through God. For God. With God. ✨💛

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