Have an Elevated Perspective Before Entering Into a Relationship


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We humans tend to live in the present moment. We respond first and foremost to what we see, hear and feel. We mostly react instead of think. We limit our thinking to what our senses provide, to what is immediate and to the things that feel temporarily good. Because of this, our reasoning powers neutralized.

Our only antidote is to train ourselves to detach from the immediate rush of events and elevate our perspective. Before entering into a relationship, instead of merely reacting based on our emotions, step back and look at wider context. Let’s keep in mind our long term goal.

The goal in a relationship is marriage, a lifelong commitment.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

So we should not enter into a relationship if we aren’t committed.

If we are just lonely and envy.

We should not date just because it’s trendy.

We shouldn’t engage in courtship just because we’re left behind.

And we shouldn’t dare to enter into a relationship for healing.

A relationship without label is not worth in the end.

So let us not be in a relationship without consistency and clarity.

Without purpose and goals.

More so, we should not enter into a relationship without praying for it.

And without knowing our standards and boundaries.

We’ll only waste our valuable energy and time.

With an elevated perspective, we’ll have the patience and clarity to reach our objectives.

When we face exciting opportunities like dating, courting and entering into a relationship, detach from the heat of the moment and widen and deepen our perspective.

It is better to let time go by and see what it reveals. Time is the greatest teacher and revealer of reality. With the passage of time, we gain more information and see more of the truth. So have faith that time will prove us right.

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