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Not all the good things we have were meant to be the stepping stone to forever. As time goes by, I felt like you just treated me as a display in all of your friends, family, and to yourself. I’m just your masterpiece whenever you’re in good times and just a statue whenever our dark hours were coming through.

The question is, how much is my worth to you? Treating me with love and joy exploring things together before? And now, it was only yourself just like in my past? Too much of a good thing doesn’t teach us to get stronger through our hard times. Too much happiness isn’t healthy anymore. The more you rise by using me, the less you care about my fall.

I really love you. But not in the way you ever wanted. I just realized my worth now. However, it’s over; because I feel like drowning once more. Maybe in another life, I hope I get the man who will teach how to fly and swim, not only using it for survival but also using it in appreciating things no matter how love works in every way. 

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