Last night, I dreamt about HIM


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Legend says that if you dream of someone it means that they are also thinking about you. Sana nga scientifically proven, para atleast ma-convince ko yung sarili kong naiisip mo din ako. Pero ano ba talaga ang gustong sabihin ng subconscious mind natin? There are many reasons why are we dreaming about someone particular, and the simplest reason is that we fell asleep while we are thinking of them. Yung habang nakapikit ka, iniisip mo ano ba talaga yung nangyari sa akala mong almost perfect relationship na meron kayo noon.

Saw him in my dream last night. I can clearly remember that I was with him, talking and laughing at each other. We are so happy, pero alam mo yung feeling na, alam mo sa panaginip mo na wala na talaga kayo? Yung alam mong panaginip lang talaga iyon. Kasi alam mong sa sarili mo na di na kayo ulit magiging masaya katulad ng dati. But then again, I remember asking him, “Can we please try it again?” He just smiled and said, “I’m sorry.” I cant help but cry while watching him walking away, yung dapat na masayang panaginip naging masakit na alaala na dinala ko hanggang pag gising.

I’ve been thinking about him lately, yes. Matagal na din since the last time we talked. Pero there are still questions left unanswered. I still have my WHAT IFs and my WHYs. Pero at the end of the day, maiisip mo nalang talaga na kahit sa panaginip pinapamukha na sayo na, hindi na pwede at hanggang doon nalang talaga nakasulat ang love story nyo.

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Sometimes, God giving us sad endings because he’s preparing us for the happy one. The one that will lasts. He is letting those questions left unanswered kasi someone will come who will answer those questions for us. Our what-ifs will remain our what-ifs kasi someday, Universe will send us someone exactly what we are ready for at the exact time that we need them in our lives. And lastly, our WHYs will eventually turn into Because– as someone will be right there with us and will face each trials together.

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