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Loading = Waiting

Not everyone likes waiting. And I am like everyone. 
It feels like patience is a sweet fruit but the process of harvesting it is bitter. 

As I was trying to open a file, it took a while to load. And because the impatient sloth in me felt the annoyance while staring at the word “Loading” and following with my eyes the blue circle that won’t stop circling, I pressed “Back”. Multiple times. I didn’t like to see it loading. I didn’t want it loading. I wanted instant results. No waiting involved.

Waiting drives my soul crazy.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

In times like this, “Back” seems faster. However, it actually isn’t. “Back” is deceiving. “Back” just takes you back to what’s familiar. It is being stuck with what you started. “Back” doesn’t bring you forward to where you are supposed to be or what you are supposed to see. Pressing “back” means starting from the beginning. Again.

Loading won’t come through if we press back.
If we expect new things in our lives, then we have to put up with loading. We have to be patient with waiting. Otherwise, nothing new will come up. Old things will resurface if our only option when we get tired of waiting is hitting “Back”. Nothing will be loaded unless something is loading.

If you are in the midst of loading, or maybe God’s promise for you is still loading, you just got to take heart.
Endure waiting.

Back won’t take you forward to His promise.

Waiting will.

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