I will let God made you feel what “ILOVEYOU” means.


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I am very careful with my actions because I am scared to make wrong things to you and most especially to God. Since day 1, God is my best friend. I shared everything to Him. From a joyful smile to deepest cry. God’s been there since then that’s why I am scared to hurt you. I am scared to make you feel unloved. I am scared to lie. I am scared to make you worthless because you don’t deserve it. You are God’s child and you deserve everything. God knows how much I prayed to bless you because you deserve everything. You are a blessing alone and thank you for being one. God knows how much I prayed for us. God knows every story. If God could just shut His ears because of my repetitive stories about us. I talk to Him a lot about you. I count you as a blessing that I would be forever thankful of. I love you because Jesus gave you to me and I won’t make things that will make you doubt about it. I placed everything in God’s hand and again, I am scared to make things that will break your heart because I know it’ll also break God’s heart. I want to have that kind of love just like 1 Corinthians 13. God sees everything and He knows how I take good care of us. I take it as a precious thing that needs to be loved, handled and cared very well. I always ask God to give you wisdom to lead us because I would be willing to be led by a Lad who waits upon God’s signal. Be careful as well. I hope you remember how precious I am in the Lord before making decisions that will break my heart … that will break God’s heart as well. Just be careful and this time I will let God made you feel what “ILOVEYOU” means.

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