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So now I really think it’s time
It’s time to write again

This time, how I realised what Love is not

I had to go through pain until

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I finally listened and understood what Love is not

I was blinded by my infatuation

Now I know much more, God designed love

It is not something fearful not something that could give you anxiety

It must be a joy from the Lord, A peace that is overflowing

It is not something that can be stopped or paused

It is something that is built most especially by God

It is special

It is not based on feelings but a choice

Though I am not sure who you are and where you are

I will choose to love you because God says so

I will choose you because I love God

I want to do His will and His work with you

I’m excited of the partnership God will bring us into so that we can minister to many people together

It’s interesting and intriguing how it will come to be

This time I will really be hands off

I will trust the Lord to orchestrate everything

Because I know that I don’t have to make it happen, God will

I know that I don’t need to beg for love, I just need to live loving

And then, it will come and not delay

Just like a gift from above, bringing the very joy and reason why it’s worth the wait

I sure do hope to meet you soon

But not sooner than God’s timing

It will be a day of miracle we can’t stop

Above all, we wait on the Lord, He is our hope not each other

He is Love

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