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Love, I want to meet you in a most romantic way. I want us to meet somewhere where the sky touches the sea, or maybe in a place where we are both waiting for the sunset, or while we are both climbing the mountain, but if ever we meet otherwise, if ever you found me during my lowest moment, in the middle of nothingness can you please give me a hug and tell me “everything will be alright”. If I feel safe and found peace in your arms like nothing would hurt me then I’ll know it is you. Because that’s what I’m looking for, for a long time- peace.

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Love, may you be my safe haven and I hope that you found me as your home. Tell me I’m your favorite person ’cause I’m no one’s favorite. I don’t wish you to be the man of my dreams, but I hope you will be the man after God.

I’ve been hurt, broke and left by many. If you can promise to stay I will be happy. But I will be very happy if you not just promise but do stay. For many years I feel like I’m always an option, worst is I’m not in the option at all. I have my insecurities because of that, will you be okay of always reminding me my worth and making me feel that I’m enough? There are times that I feel sad and can’t figure out the reason why I’m feeling that way. Please don’t make me feel that what I am feeling is irrelevant just like people around me always do. Just please stay by my side, I don’t need you to talk or say a word, just please stay and listen to me. It’s more than enough. I don’t wish you to give me things like flowers, teddybears or what. I’m not being hypocrite but I’m not a fan of those. Letters. I love getting letters. I love reading it over and over again and still get the same ‘kilig’ feeling. Give me a back hug when I’m tired, no one ever did that to me. I found it sweet whenever a boy hugs a girl from behind. Give me a kiss on my forehead when I’m starting to doubt, overthink and be afraid of things I’m not sure of, I just want to feel secure that whatever happens, I have you and you got my back. Please treat me like you’re afraid to lose me, no one’s afraid of losing me.

Love, I can’t offer anything for now but one thing is for sure. I will patiently wait for you until the day God decides for our paths to cross together. And when that day comes, I promise to love you and be faithful forever. I promise to give you the love that you deserve. And I won’t ever let you feel like you need to compete for my love, I will never let you feel what I’ve felt before you came.

Sincerely yours,

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