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I vividly felt the warmth of your hands on my skin. The way our skin touched sent thousands of electricity into my heart that made it skip. I couldn’t help but feel the glee in my heart, enjoying the closeness of our body and silently praying it would last longer. It may seem casual to you, but it was exceptional for me. The moment you encircle your arms on my shoulder, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and my heart was very loud as if there is a band performing there. It was a cold night, but with your skin over my skin, my heart was burning in love, I felt the heat on my cheeks and there was a drop of sweat on my forehead. I couldn’t even move, I felt everything around me stop and all I can feel is your breath and the tingling sound of your heartbeat. God knows how I prayed that night would stay much longer because I felt so comfortable and safe around your arms. That sweet and warm gesture of yours made me, even more, fall for you that I couldn’t stop loving you even if I knew that it is the right thing to do. I always imagined how does it feel when our hands finally intertwined, would it fit perfectly though your hands are quite smaller than mine. Nevertheless, as they’ve always said, “Love moves in mysterious ways”, you suddenly grab my hand to imitate what you saw and try to explain it further to your friends, I was shocked like my mouth dropped open and my heart started to get chaos again. You intertwined our hands tightly like you were making a demo while telling a story to your confused class. While I was left blushing and I’m not sure if you notice my hand gets cold and little shaking because I was very surprised, but it is nothing to the happiness I felt inside like I was smiling ear to ear in my mind. Only you who have this kind of effect on me, it’s only you who can mess with my heart and mind like this that it could drive me insane. I lost my sanity every time we stay that close and all I could hear is your voice and only see your face clearly cause everything around me became blurred. Aside from the moon that gave me warmth every time I felt cold, your touch is one that I always wanted to feel that sends thousands of voltage in my body and gives a different kind of comfort that I cannot seek from anyone. I wish that I could stay close to you for a longer time. If you don’t know, my love language is physical touch that’s why getting this close to you, having your skin touch mine is my way of making you feel my affection for you.

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