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Dear you,

We have known each other for years, but I never saw myself getting attach to you. You were far different from my ideal man. You are shy, silent, and not confident enough in yourself, which made you a total opposite of the man of my dreams. But the universe really does magical things. I was given a chance to explore your world. And from that moment, I realized that you were never the guy I knew before. You always make silly jokes, I saw how loving you are as a friend, brother and as a son. I admire how you make efforts for the girl you like. And as I dive deeper and deeper, in a blink of an eye, I perceived myself falling in love with you. I tried everything to hide it but feelings show.

The days passed by and I noticed that it was not just me who developed something anymore. Everytime I look in your eyes, I glimpsed a jumble of emotions. I knew how much you struggle to make those emotions stop because you are pursuing someone. She’s someone you yearn to be with for a very long time. I distanced myself to you, trying to avoid any conflict, trying to stop myself from ruining a beautiful love story.

While you are busy reading this article, try mo rin makinig sa episode namin:

I was in the moment of being okay, I am starting to accept that you were meant to be with her. Until you came to me telling me that its over. You told me that you both chose to be just friends. I am aware that you are in pain, but I am fool enough to make that pain something I could use to make you mine. We spent a lot of days with each other. Never did I imagine that those days were the last days I would spend with you. The last days that I could laugh in your jokes, I could look in your eyes and do stupid things with you without awkwardness, pain and a feeling of avoidance.

The conclusion then approached, the finale of our story waved when she came back with an apology and gave you the three letter word you been waiting to hear. I don’t know if you are just blind or you really just love her because after years of giving you on and off signals, you still accepted her.

Here I am now, seeing you happy with her and by that, I am trying my best to be happy too.

You may never be someone I want to be with before but you showed me that love appears in a very unexpected way. You showed me how love truly works. That waiting is not a hindrance to give up, nor having someone that will give you all, is not a reason to lose someone you truly desire. You made it visible to me that a man like you exist. You gave me hope that God also prepares someone for me, maybe its not you but someone better. A man that will wait for me, someone that will continue choosing me and love me as much as I love him.

I know how happy you are now but I will still continue praying for your happiness.


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