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Waiting is not everybody’s forte. Waiting may be a burden to you, and essential to some. Someone may be grateful to wait because of the assurance that he/she have. But there is also someone who already got tired of waiting because he/she can’t find that assurance.

We don’t really have to rush things. We should enjoy the season of waiting. We should embrace the pain and sadness that we felt while waiting. So that, when the time comes that we already had what we are waiting for, we can keep and give more importance to that thing, person, opportunities, or whatever it is. Because we did everything to wait eventhough there are things that can stop us from waiting.

Let us bloom while waiting. Let us do our best to progress. Let us do our best to excel in whatever we do. Let us bloom and bloom and bloom until the time comes that we are ready to recieve what we are waiting for.

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For those people who keeps on waiting, it’s not bad to wait. But make sure that you know when to stop and when to keep going. If you feel so confuse, ask Him. Ask Him and you will know if you need to stop already or to keep on waiting.

But for those who already got tired of waiting, it’s alright. Talk to Him and you’ll find assurance. Days will come that you’ll finally enjoy to wait.

Let yourself bloom. And at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself saying that it is worth the wait.

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