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I am speaking to that person who has always been uncertain of what he feels. I know that you’re indecisive and always hesitant to confirm your feelings. And yet, even though I knew about this fact, I chose to accept you in my life. I knew from the start that this will be a disaster in the end, but I continued to develop my feelings for you anyway. There were times that I would repeatedly question myself if it is right to open up my heart to you and give myself a chance to love again. But in the long run, you have proven to me that what I have done was wrong. Because as my feelings for you are becoming clearer, yours was becoming darker and unsure. I took the risk so I had no choice but to face the consequences. I fell for a confused man. I compromised my worth. I gave up my standards. I gave in to wrong emotions. I was too emotional that I have never thought of where this could lead me. But everything is clear now and you are one of the lessons that I chose to keep.

Back then, you were always there for me. You always showed concern and made my heart flutter every time. I am excited whenever you talk to me. Never-ending stories were being told. I never ran out of words when it comes to you. I could tell you everything. I felt the care that you showed me, but I have realized that it won’t be enough. I forgot that you never even told me that you loved me. I held on too much to my assumptions about us. Without certainty and clarity if what we have is real, I gave in that easily. I must admit, I am too gullible when it comes to you. It was too early for me to open up my heart to you. Everything we had was nothing but a misunderstanding. We were not together, but we acted like we were. We never had any commitment, but we act as if we were special to each other. Being special will never be enough. So if you are uncertain, please stop.

To you who’s confused, steady your heart first. It may have not worked for us, but I hope that as you open your heart again, you would find the courage to pursue her with all your heart. Stop acting like you own someone, without the bravery to commit. Stop making someone’s heart flutter if you have no intention of keeping her. Stop saying that you care about her, if you couldn’t reach her expectations. Never make her assume that you are serious, even if you’re just playing around. Do not let her fall for you if you cannot reciprocate her feelings. To you who’s uncertain, stop the confusion and man up. Confirm what you feel before claiming that it is real.

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