You made me realize many things.

You made me realize that i should expect the unexpected. The things that i didn’t imagine i would love was now my favorite things. Because of you.

You made me realize that i should give more importance to life. Because life is short. I should do what i need to. I should do, not only the things that will make me happy, but also the things that are right.

You made me realize to love more. Love more than how i used to be. Because eventhough the person whom i loved, didn’t give back the love that i gave, it was always my victory. Because loving someone genuinely may be the key for anyone to love you more than you do.

You made me realize that there would be moment that would end eventhough it haven’t started yet. And the pain of that ending will hunt you more. Because you will feel that you haven’t done the things you’ve imagined to do.

You made realize that there are things you need to accept. Eventhough you think you can’t. Because the more you think you can’t, the more time you will waste.

You made me realize that i should accept when i am ready to. And not because the people around me are telling me to.
You made me realize that covering up a fresh wound would not make it heal faster. But will definitely longer the days that i will spend on healing it. It will only worsen the wound.

You made me realize that i should give more time for myself. That its’s not always others. You made me realize that letting myself grow first will benefit not only me, but also the people around me.

You made me love myself more than i used to. More than how i want others to love me. More than what i expected to the people around me. More than anyone.
You inspired me to grow more.
You inspired me to do better.
You inspired me to help myself first before others.
You inspired and made me realize that loving will never be wrong. But loving my self first will always be the best.
Thank you for inspiring me.
And remember that you’ll always be my inspiration.